Duke of Edinburgh's Award Silver


The second Duke of Edinburgh Award made up of 4 sections – Physical, Skill, Service and Expedition. These all need to be completed to achieve the award. The time commitment for the Silver level is more than Bronze.

Dynamic Adventures provides training, practice expeditions and qualifying expeditions for Silver level. We also provide approved assessors for groups.

Training includes either further development from Bronze level of peoples’ navigation skills, camp craft and cooking, tent pitching, basic first aid, emergency procedures, expedition equipment, risk assessing or training direct entrants in all the areas

The practice expedition looks at further developing the skills learnt in the training and enhancing them. They will be supervised during the practice, with parts being unsupervised but assistance at hand.

The qualifying expedition is for the group to show off the skills learnt and apply them appropriately in the environment. They will be undertaking the expedition unsupervised, although assistance is nearby if required.

If looking at completing the expedition on foot you need to complete 7 hours of planned activity a day.

You are required to do a qualifying expedition of 3 days and 2 nights.

Group size can vary between 4 - 7 people

You must complete 7 hours of planned activity a day.The expedition needs to be 3 days and 2 nights.

Our training will get you up to the required level of paddling (equivalent to BCU 2* standard).

Group size can vary between 4 - 8 people

We can also offer the expeditions mountain biking. You need to complete 7 hours of planned activity a day. You are required to do a qualifying expedition of 3 days and 2 nights. 

Our training will provide you with basic maintenance skills to be self sufficient while out riding and the cycle training is delivered by BSCA qualified mountain bike off road leaders. 

Group size can vary between 4 - 7 people.

If you are already undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Award with us please visit your members page for information regarding your expedition details.

If you would like to contact us about the Duke of Edinburgh Award then please do.

If you are an individual looking to achieve your Silver expedition please contact us

If we have enough interest we will put on expeditions for individual participants to join in.

For further information on the award please visit http://www.dofe.org/



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