First Aid

Dynamic Adventures offer 1, 2 and 3 day first aid and refresher courses.  Licensed by PPD Solutions Ltd Dynamic Adventures have provided professional courses covering all main areas of first aid and tailoring it to your workplace and likely injuries that you may face.

First aid is an essential skill needed by individuals and can help save someones' life. It is an essential requirement for leading outdoor groups and taking others out and about.

The Health and Safety (First Aid) 1981 regulations place a duty on employers to provide adequate first aid equipment, facilities and personnel to their employees. Dynamic Adventures can help you to fulfil your obligations to help keep your employees safe. We do this by offering high quality, fun training in all aspects of first aid.

All first aid qualifications provide a certificate valid for 3 years. 

This 2-day course meets the requirements of the HSE and will give candidates the knowledge and confidence to provide effective first aid for their organisation.
This course equips participants with a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge to enable them to deal with a child or baby calmly and confidently in the event of them becoming unwell or injured. The 2 day course meets the requirements of Ofsted and Surestart for registered childminders and is essential for anyone working with children including nannies, au pairs and playgroup workers. These courses can also be used as evidence towards your NVQ. The 2 day course is a minimum of 12 hours over 2 days. These courses cover the essential skills and knowledge to deal with any first aid incident involving children or babies. Assessment is ongoing over the course with an internal assessment at the end of the course.

This one day course meets the requirements of the HSE and will give candidates the knowledge and confidence to provide effective first aid for their organisation. This is a minimum 6 hour course and will cover understanding the role of a first aider, personal hygiene at first aid incidences, the legal framework of first aid provision, the use of first aid equipment and resources, how to act in an emergency, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) unconscious casualty, seizures/epilepsy, chocking, wounds and bleeding, shock and treatment for minor injuries.
If this does not cover all of your requirements additional subjects can be included in the course content.

This 3 day course will empower the candidates with the skills and knowledge to manage effectively any first aid emergency and minor situations. Utilising the latest techniques in casualty simulation we give the candidates the opportunity to test their skills and knowledge in realistic scenarios. The course covers workplace health and safety requirements and dealing with a casualty suffering from minor and major injuries and suffering from minor or major illnesses. Candidates will be required to undergo 3 practical and 1 written test.

This 2 day course is designed to update and refresh the first aider’s skills and will update them on the recent changes in legislation, where the training not only includes management of accidents and illness at work, but a better understanding of the preventative process through risk assessment. Candidates will be required to undergo 3 practical assessments and a multiple choice question paper

This 2/3 hour course looks at the basic principles of first aid. Candidates by the end of the course should understand the role of a first aider, know how to act in an emergency, know when to perform cardiopulmonary resuscuitation (CPR), deal with an unconcious casualty, place a casualty in the recovery position, know how to deal with a choking casualty.

For prices of each course and to discuss your course requirements please contact us.

The courses can be tailored for individulas and groups taking place at either your location or at our centre.



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