Fishing at Tilgate Park


Tilgate Lakes - Silt and Campbell are now run by Dynamic Adventures and Crawley Angling Society members are allowed to fish both lakes under their book scheme. Crawley Angling Society balliffs will be helping to patrol the waters along with Dynamic Adventures staff.

Campbell lake is 18 acres of freshwater, containing Bream, Carp, Perch, Roach, Pike and Tench. There are 22 fishing station situated around the lake. There is wheelchair access for fishing platforms on Campbell Lake, found opposite the boat house.

Silt Lake is 2.96 acres of freshwater containing Roach, Rudd, Carp and Perch. It is the ideal location for beginners and families to enjoy fishing. There are fishing stations around the lake. 

Fishing is available as either a member of Tilgate Activity Centre, by purchasing day tickets, plus from 01-12-2014 on production of a Crawley Angling Society members handbook.

Night fishing is allowed for Adult members only. Under 16 Anglers must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

By being a part of Tilgate Fishing Club you become a part of Tilgate Activity Centre. This entitles you to access the water for activities and 20% reduction to hire equipment. Membership card must been shown for this reduction. 

Annual membership                                 Day Tickets
Night membership£20                       £10 members /  N/A for non members (24 hours)
Day membership £10                        £5 members / £8 non members (Daylight hours)
Family £45                                       £5 members / £8 non members (Daylight hours)
(2 Adults + 2 Children) 

Membership runs for 365 days from the date of purchase.

Day tickets must be bought in advance of setting up from the boathouse if open, Jack Frost Tackle, West Green or by debit card by phoni9ng 07802355075.

  1. Tilgate Activity Centre & Crawley Angling Society's fishing policy is two rods only. An environment agency rod license is required toi fish Cambell & Silt lakes and are a requirement of the environment agency.
  2. There is NO close season on Tilgate and the Silt Lake however the main Lake will be used for water sports. Prior notice will be given to anglers regarding major events that could affect the use of the lake.
  3. A daily charge is payable to Dynamic Adventures for the use of the lake, payable in advance by the purchase of a ticket from either Dynamic Adventures boathouse or from Jackle Frost Tackle Shop. "NO TICKET NO FISHING". Crawley Angling Society members are allowed to fish on production of their handbook. Crawley Angling Society balliffs help to balliff Campbell & Silt lakes along with Dynamic Adventures staff.
  4. It is also prohibited to fish in the conservation area and new wetland area (the borrow pit).
  5. Night fishing is allowed for Adult members only but needs to be booked in advance to ensure minimal disruption to other park users. Under 16 Anglers must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  6. All lake users will be held responsible for upholding good conduct on and at the lakeside. The use of foul and abusive language is strictly forbidden.
  7. Around Tilgate and the Silt lake there are waste disposal bins that need to be used. Litter needs to be taken home and disposed of. If caught littering, membership will be revoked.
  8. There is NO fishing allowed on the lawn area, between the yellow posts, one to the north of the brown container and the second to the south end of the lawn area, except for diabled anglers.

To become a member please complete our membership form which is available on request.


We would love to see what people are catching - if you send in pictures of your catches they will be uploaded onto the fishing page found in the team pages


Jul 21, 2017
Session for this summers open water swimming sessions 2017...
Jul 2, 2017
This summer we will only be opening at Tilgate lake from Friday 28 July all through the  school summer holidays. Please check our facebook page for regular updates about when we are open...
Aug 8, 2016

Experience the fastest growing water sport at Tilgate with Stand Up Paddleboarding lessons from Happy Surf Co. and Dynamic Adventures.

Apr 20, 2016
Day Tickets from 18th May must be bought before setting up.