Dynamic Adventures is a personal and friendly company run by highly qualified and experienced outdoor instructors.

Dynamic Adventures staff have a genuine passion for the outdoors and for inspiring others to enjoy the outdoors also. Their sense of adventure and their excitement for a wide range of outdoor pursuits results in high-energy and therefore high-quality leadership. Between the five full time members of staff, enthusiastic trainee instructors and specialist freelancers, Dynamic Adventures hold a broad spectrum of qualifications.



Jul 21, 2017
Session for this summers open water swimming sessions 2017...
Jul 2, 2017
This summer we will only be opening at Tilgate lake from Friday 28 July all through the  school summer holidays. Please check our facebook page for regular updates about when we are open...
Aug 8, 2016

Experience the fastest growing water sport at Tilgate with Stand Up Paddleboarding lessons from Happy Surf Co. and Dynamic Adventures.

Apr 20, 2016
Day Tickets from 18th May must be bought before setting up.


All our courses are run by professional outdoor education teams.  All our staff hold current first aid certificates.  We do risk assessments on all our adventure activities.  Occasionally however accidents do happen, not only is this the nature of participating in any ACTIVITY ANYWHERE but it is a part of life. 

Mountaineering (including climbing, abseiling, walking, gorge walking and scrambling), Canoe sport, Sailing and our other Adventurous Activities are activities with a danger of personal injury or death.  Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

The following is a list of examples of the minor accidents / situations that can happen.  The list is not exhaustive.  If you don’t wish your child or you to take this type of risk PLEASE DO NOT COME ON THE COURSE!

  • Climbing & abseiling – banged knee, slightly scrapped knuckle
  • Canoeing & raft building – wet, bruised knee/elbow
  • Gorge scrambling – wet, bruised leg, twisted ankle
  • Forestadventures/orienteering – nettle stings, insect bites, twigs in face, scratches, twisted ankle
  • Mountain walk – twisted ankle,
  • Survival training/camping – very minor burns, bruised fingers and many similar issues as listed in forest adventures.
  • Problem solving – splinters, bruised fingers
  • GENERAL – if someone slips, whether it’s wet or dry ground, whether they are experienced or not it occasionally happens, the person may twist an ankle, break a wrist or break a collar bone. 


Dynamic Adventures provide courses, outdoor activities and personal development skills throughout theUKandEurope.


We have a great deal of experience in working with individuals and cooperatively with schools.  Our ever expanding Duke of Edinburgh Award programme illustrates our ability to safely take large groups of children into wild and exciting places in theUKandEuropeand to provide an enjoyable and educational experience.  We have run many summer activity programmes throughout the country and organise substantial numbers of team building days for various schools and colleges. We are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority

Group Liaison

We will liaise with the organising body or person (coming to visit if appropriate) so that insurance documents, medical forms and risk assessments have all been dealt with.  Often it’s the paper work that impacts most on staff when trying to organise activities.  Dynamic Adventures Ltd designates one person to be your point of contact.


Once the group arrive at the location there will be a series of staff and participant briefings both on health and safety issues and on the activities and logistics.  Dynamic risk assessments continue through out the activity making sure staff and participants are aware of any changes that might be required.  The activities are run in accordance with Dynamic Adventures Ltd operating and emergency procedures and take into account recent legislation and National Governing Body schemes and procedures.  After the activity we will ask everybody to evaluate the day so that we can continually develop our standard of delivery and safety systems.

For more information on the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority scheme go to www.aala.org.uk


All personal information recieved is stored appropriately and is not shared with any third party. Any details that are no longer required will be disposed off in an appropriate fashion. 

Photographs may be taken while on a session, if you do not wish your photograph to be taken for publicity use then please inform one of the instructors present.